A sticky issue…

RIGSBY: You want me to memorize everything we have on all 67 alumni that showed up at the reunion?

JANE: Yes, I do.

RIGSBY: And how would I do that?

JANE: It’s easy. You build a memory palace.

RIGSBY: Um, I thought that was just some card player’s trick.

JANE: Well, it’s multipurpose. It’s perfect for recalling a large body of information. All you need is a physical location that you know well, and you break it down in your mind into smaller pieces and link each one to a package of the information. Like this. I walk in the door, and I’m greeted by reunion chair Willa Brock. Former class president, debate team captain. Led the team to three county championships. Now a talk-show host in Chicago. I sit down at the table and catch up with Dana Greer, swimmer. Now a realtor in Los Angeles. Married to a gentleman by the name of Arthur. And so on and so forth.


JANE: When you wanna remember the details, you close your eyes, and in your mind, you walk around your very own memory palace.

RIGSBY: Yeah, yeah, but I can’t learn all these stuffs in just a couple hours.

JANE: It comes very quickly once you get the hang of it, and they’ll be wearing nametags.

RIGSBY: But why? Why would I memorize all this…?

JANE: It’s fun.

– The Mentalist – s02e11 – Rose-Colored Glasses

I have BIG problème… Yesterday, I wrote in big letters, with a deep red lipstick, on the bathroom mirror of my memory palace, the number 16 and now I can’t remove it…

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